Ubersuggest: What is and how to use this keyword tool?

Any company that wants to stay in the market needs to be aware of new tools that help strengthen their online presence and improve their digital marketing strategies. Using keywords makes it easy to create content that promotes your business in an online environment - even more so if there is a resource that will help the job.

There is a tool called Ubersuggest, which can make your keyword search easier. Created by Neil Patel, this tool offers a free service that shows how the keywords of your interest are being explored and suggest other words that can contribute to the construction of your content.

In this article, find out what Ubersuggest is for, know its benefits and understand how to use this tool in a practical way that will improve your work routine.

Getting to know Ubersuggest

At first, you might even think Ubersuggest has something to do with the Uber app, but do not confuse these two services. While Uber is a company that offers, through an application, cars for private trips, Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool to improve your content marketing.

After changing from the beginning of last year until now, this tool is considered more accessible and without the limitations that its competitors usually present.

We can say that its practicality is the most captivating factor and the one that most contributes to its being adopted in our day today.

Exploring its functionality

At first, you need to set the language of the pages that will appear for your search. Then enter the keyword you want to review and click “search”. Ready!

Now you have a broad and objective view of the impact that a simple keyword can have on the web.

In the information provided in Ubersuggest, you will know the amount of research and evolution during the last year of your keyword, the level of difficulty it presents for an SEO strategy, the value that is offered in click-through rates and also the amount which you can invest to develop a sponsored link.

Working SEO with Ubersuggest

As you’ve noticed throughout this article, Ubersuggest is an essential tool for crafting SEO techniques, and it will give you a better experience for your strategies in digital marketing.

It does not need to register. It does not limit the number of searches you want to do, not even time to show results.

Also, it’s an excellent solution for competitive analysis and monitoring, easily identifies terms for good rankings, and helps you stay on top of market trends. There is no doubt that this is a tool you will always need.


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