What is Blizzard Entertainment ?

Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software.

**Blizzard merged with Activision in December of 2007.

Blizzard Entertainment is a developer and publisher of gaming software. After establishing the Blizzard Entertainment label in 1994, the company quickly became one of the most popular makers of computer games. Some of Blizzard's games

create the most epic interactive gaming and entertainment experiences. Our platforms immerse players in new, unimagined worlds and offer countless ways to play within them. We build communities that bring people together with purpose and belonging. We make every day more fun with games from Candy Crush™, Call of Duty®, and World of Warcraft® to Overwatch®, Hearthstone®, and Diablo®. There is something for everyone. It takes heroes to make heroes, and our employees, across Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, and King Digital Entertainment, are some of the best and brightest talent in all of tech, media, and entertainment. Hard work pays off, and we’re proud to have been previously named one of FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies To Work For®” for five consecutive years.

In many cases, the charges are the result of a friend or family member using the card. Common amounts are:

  • €12.99 (£8.99) , €35.97 (£25.17), or €65.94 (£46.14) for subscription fees or game time.
  • €15 (£12), €20 (£15), €30 (£25), €35 (£30), or €50 for various character services and products.
  • €14.99 (£9.99), €19.99 (£14.99), €29.99 (£24.99), or €44.99 for digital upgrades.

If you are positive that the charges were not made by you or an authorized party, your card information should be considered stolen and you should report the charges as theft directly to your card issuer. Your card issuer can reverse these charges.



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