What Is Insight Timer?

Insight Timer is an app and website designed to help make meditation and yoga convenient, easy, and pleasant to do. Meditation and yoga are practices that unite mind and body to focus attention in order to calm racing thoughts, reduce stress, and improve mental and physical health and well-being.1

In bringing these practices directly to people (no longer do you have to trek barefoot through Eastern mountain ranges in the snow in order to find someone to guide you in a meditation practice), Insight Timer makes stress and anxiety relief as well as  quality sleep accessible to anyone with a smartphone (Android or Apple) or computer. Insight Timer offers a plethora of meditations in a variety of topics and styles. You can also listen to pre-recorded talks or participate in any of their frequent live events, meditating alongside others from around the world.

Simply visit the Insight Timer website or download and open the app on your smartphone. Once there, you have instant access to their extensive free library of meditations, sleep programs, yoga classes. Other features are open to those who subscribe to the full Member Plus benefits. Whether free or part of the paid membership, insight timer allows you to treat your mind and body to:

Guided Meditations

Insight Timer offers tens of thousands of guided meditations to meet the needs and interests of nearly every individual meditator. Finding what you want in a given moment is easy because Insight is organized into categories that are clear and easy to navigate.

Browse by topic—there are over 200 topics divided into sections that including benefits, origins (Insight Timer presents meditations from a variety of cultures both religious and secular as well as from scientific disciplines and philosophical concepts), talks, and practices/types (such as movement, mindfulness, repetition, visualization, and more).

For convenience, Insight Timer also allows you to search by meditation length (you’ll find meditations ranging from one minute to more than two hours. You can also filter your search according to voice, as some meditators prefer male voices while others prefer female leaders.


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