With over 7,000 publications from over 100 countries in 60+ languages, PressReader is the leading digital newspaper and magazine provider for premium content.  Explore titles such as Better Homes & Gardens, Gardening Australia, The Guardian, Vogue Australia, Women’s Weekly, Australian Men’s Health, and much more from all over the world. The new PressReader platform allows library users to customise their reading experience, gain international perspectives, and engage with topics of interests through the bookmark, share, translate and comment features.

PressReader subscriptions are all inclusive, meaning that all publications are made available without the need to select title-by-title. Our SAPLN readers will have access to the entire PressReader catalogue.
New editions of newspapers and magazines are added to PressReader on the day of release. Publications are fully concurrent and simultaneous. Three months of back issues are included.

How do I sign up for digital magazines?

To get started you will need to know your library membership number (X0...) and 4 digit PIN code.
For help on how to download the PressReader app and access the service, see below for further information.



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