VPNSecure is an Australia-based provider of virtual private network (VPN) services that will help you stay anonymous and secure online with the help of a wide range of tools, protocols, and other mechanisms focused on users’ privacy.

In this day and age, there are many reasons why one should always have a good VPN service at their side. These include protecting yourself against organizations and individuals intent on getting your sensitive information and using it to their advantage, being able to access websites and services unavailable in your current location or blocked by your government or ISP, and more.

While VPNSecure isn’t among these top services (yet), it’s still a very good choice for everyone who wants to stay anonymous and safe on the World Wide Web. Let’s get a closer look at its most noteworthy features.


When you first decide to check out VPNSecure’s pricing, you’ll see three options - 1-month subscription at $9.95/month, a 6-month option at $8.32/month (billed every six months), and a 3-year one $2.99/month (billed every three years). However, dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that these are only default plans offered on the homepage, and that VPNSecure offers plenty of other pricing options for its various services. For instance, there’s 7-day VPN access for $4.95 (one-time payment), 2-month access for $19.90, 4-month access for $34.95, and one-year access for $79.95. 

You can also get various amounts of IP addresses at different lengths. The same goes for SSH Tunnel, PPTP, HTTP Proxy account, Smarter DNS Access, or even combinations of different products. Having such a large choice is a breath of fresh air in this business, considering most competitors only offer two or three subscription options, and only for one type of service.

Those users who’d like to test the service out without paying for it can take advantage of the 30-day free trial with one server in the US and 2GB of bandwidth. For $2.00, you can test all of the provider’s servers during two days. 

If you end up disappointed with the service, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee. VPNSecure accepts payments made via credit cards, PayPal, Payza, Cashu, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Paymentwall.

You can use your account on up to five devices simultaneously. The only condition is that you are connected to a different server on each device, which isn’t a difficult thing to adhere to.

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