Yousician is a music practice app for iOS, Android, and PCs that helps students learn to play the piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele. First, students select their experience level, and then a video plays, introducing them to their in-app teacher, a real person whose voice guides the quests and songs they'll encounter next. Students can choose to read notes either in standard musical notation or in the app's own notation format, and students drill and practice different skills (such as rhythm and articulation) in each song they try. The app keeps track of their practice time along with their performance in different songs, and students can work to improve their performance during a single practice session or over time. Students can learn some beginning techniques for both pop and classical music, from basic fingering technique to scales to chords. Also, students can learn some basic musical notation. Whether they can read music or not, they can learn basic skills for reading a score and matching pitches and rhythm to what's shown on-screen.

An in-app progress tracker rewards students for practicing and completing new missions, so students can learn persistence and dedication if they use Yousician to stick to their practice goals. Special features for educators let teachers create assignments for their students and track their progress. Yousician's features are free for a limited time, and then it'll require a monthly or annual subscription fee. Keep an eye out in your preferences to make sure the app subscription doesn't auto-renew or charge unless you want it to. 



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