Blacknut is a unique cloud gaming service that offers a library of more than 300 games for free with your subscription. It focuses on families who want to get into cloud gaming, with parental control options and a four-person family plan available. However, the limited library of games and lackluster image quality makes it a tough sell, family or not.

Using Blacknut is disappointing, not because the local applications are bad — quite the opposite, actually — but because the service isn’t everything it could be. The interface and features are excellent, making the lackluster library of games and poor video quality all the more disheartening.

Blacknut has a slew of excellent features that, although not obvious, make the experience feel more fluid. It has taken a lot of notes from Netflix in terms of design and functionality, which we’ll get into in the “ease of use” section below. One of the key features it adopted is profiles.

Like Netflix, you can maintain as many profiles on your account as you want. There are limits to the number of screens that can be active at any given time, but not on your profiles.

Furthermore, profiles can be customized depending on who’s using them. You can restrict the library to only games for children, set a PIN number for accounts and even customize your profile image


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