Funimation is a Sony-owned entertainment company based in the US and involved in the distribution of various anime series. The company is also at the forefront of anime dubbing, with a lot of its exclusive content getting dubbed to English very quickly.

Anime fans will fondly remember Funimation as the company that brought the dubbed version of Dragonball Z to the Cartoon Network back in the 90s and led to a renewed interest in the art form. Given the current state of the entertainment world, it’s no surprise that Funimation eventually made the move to video streaming. Along with that, the website also has a lot of merch you can buy, ranging from T-shirts and action figures to DVD and Blu Ray box sets.

You can easily access all of Funimation’s content, including a slew of exclusive new and old series, on almost any device. Its catalog is particularly great if you’re looking to nostalgically watch popular, but old, anime series. It also has tons of new shows and the library continues to grow. It’s also the best place to go if you prefer “dubs” (shows dubbed into English) over “subs” (original Japanese voice actors and subtitles).

In early December 2020, Sony announced that its Funimation anime division would acquire its main streaming rival, Crunchyroll, from AT&T for $1.175 billion. The deal is still subject to regulatory approval as of this writing. There’s no word yet on what will happen to Crunchyroll when the deal is completed.

Is Funimation worth it?

Major anime fans should sign up for Funimation. Its library of both classic and current anime TV shows is extensive, and you can sign up for prices as low as $5.99 a month. In addition, there are yearly plans that allow you to save even more if you have the money upfront. You also get some extra benefits if you sign up for the more expensive plans. There is a totally free plan as well, although you will have to deal with ads, along with a smaller video library and lower resolutions.

Is Funimation available for free?

In addition to the 14-day free trial offers for the Premium plans, there is a way to access some content on Funimation completely for free. However, you will have to watch shows with commercials, and the entire library of content is not available for free users.



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