What is G2A?

G2A is a global transaction ecosystem and financial technology company which connects the entire G2A Ecosystem with international and local payment methods. The focal point of this ecosystem is G2A Marketplace, the world’s largest marketplace for digital products. G2A is headquartered in Hong Kong, but there are G2A offices in many countries, including China, Poland and the Netherlands.

We have millions of customers, hundreds of thousands of sellers and more than 75 thousand digital products. Over 700 people from various departments ensure that every transaction on G2A is safe and secure. Aside from its digital marketplace, G2A has an entire ecosystem of different products, including G2A PAY, a global payment gateway.

G2A Marketplace

You can always find the best deals for gamers and geeks on G2A Marketplace. It is one of the biggest marketplaces for game CD-Keys in the world. On our site, customers can buy games for every platform, such as Steam, Origin or Uplay. Our customer support is there for you year-round to assist you and answer any and all questions. Buying and selling on G2A Marketplace is not only easy, but also safe. Our main goal is to keep our customers happy and this is what we’re focused on – check out our deals and see for yourself!

Selling game keys on G2A is fast and easy – if you have any spare CD-Keys you don’t need, you can easily sell them on G2A.COM. After our verification process, your key will be available for others to buy.

A vast group of G2A trustworthy sellers provide you with great games at the lowest prices possible, which makes them accessible to everyone!

Aside from digital gaming keys, you can find software, subscriptions, gift cards, in-game points and currencies, and even e-learning courses on G2A.COM. G2A is also branching out to offer physical products with its newest marketplace category – G2A Electronics. There, gamers and geeks alike can find great deals on various electronics products, including gaming peripherals.

How does G2A Marketplace work?

G2A Marketplace lets you buy and sell digital gaming products. We focus on delivering excellent customer experience as well as creating a better form of e-commerce, which is why we decided to connect buyers and sellers all over the world in one online ecosystem.

If you have an unused game CD-Key or other digital product, you can sell it on our platform. The selling process is fast, simple and yet also secure. G2A also has low and competitive fees. if you want to sell a game key, for example, all you have to do is choose a game from the list, set the price you want for your key, and enter the key code. How great is that?

Want to buy a game? Just go to G2A Marketplace and type the name of your game into the search bar. After choosing the product you wish to buy, you will be redirected to the product page. There you can choose the offer you are interested in by checking the prices, seller ratings and other factors. Ready? Great, then just go to the checkout and choose your favorite payment method. Paid for your game? Good, now you can get your game key (you have received an email with a link) and redeem it on the corresponding platform, whether that is Steam, Uplay, Origin etc.

Fast, easy and with no hidden costs. How awesome is that?

Why is G2A safe?

G2A is safe because we do everything possible to ensure that all products available on G2A Marketplace are valid, legitimate and legally obtained. We have millions of customers precisely because we verify our sellers and monitor them 24/7. We have also created and use an extremely trustworthy payment gateway, G2A PAY, which protects all of your payment information. Additionally, our customer service is always there to help you and guide you through your buying or selling process.

G2A Ecosystem


G2A PAY is a unique payment solution that combines over 200 global and local payment methods in 80 currencies from over 170 countries. PAY guarantees a smooth and secure checkout solution for all users. Implement G2A PAY into your online store today and see the benefits for yourself. Learn more about G2A PAY.

G2A Plus

G2A Plus is a shopping subscription club with benefits such as 7 free G2A Loot Points each month, special discounts from G2A.COM and partners, entries in G2A.COM’s monthly giveaways, and more.

G2A Loot

G2A Loot is a service where you can use Loot Points to open video-game themed loot cases and see what awesome games can be yours! You can also create your own customized loot cases, and get Loot Points every time someone else opens them.

G2A Direct

G2A Direct lets developers and publishers sell their games directly on G2A Marketplace with competitive rates, higher potential returns, and even more benefits. Learn why selling on G2A is profitable.

G2A Gift Card

G2A Gift Card is the easiest and the fastest way to top up your G2A Wallet account balance. It is also a great gift to give anyone who loves video games. After receiving a G2A Gift Card, you can redeem it at G2A.COM!

G2A Goldmine

We liked our users so much that we wanted them to make money with us! Promote products from G2A.COM and earn real money with our affiliate program, G2A Goldmine. Want to learn how? Check out the G2A Goldmine landing page and start earning cash without making any investments.

G2A News

Keep up-to-date with the latest news from the gaming and technology industries without the need to check numerous portals. All you need to know can be found on G2A News. Check it out!


We collaborate with a large number of partners from many different industries. Within their ranks, you can find global powerhouses such as Google, Facebook, PayPal or MSI – not to mention famous YouTube/Twitch influencers. Our main objective is to establish successful mutual relationships which benefit everyone – from our partners to our customers. We believe that together we can create something great for the gaming community.

How can I become a G2A partner?

You’re interested in a partnership with G2A? That’s great, hopefully we can do something amazing together!

How can you become one of our partners? It’s simple. Click here to learn more about the different types of partnerships we offer and who to contact for each one. After you send us an email, please wait patiently as we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Corporate website

Visit our corporate website to find out more about G2A, read opinions and testimonials from our partners, stay up-to-date with our job vacancies, and keep up with the latest news about all things G2A. On our corporate site, you can also learn about our awards and certificates. Check it out to and see who we are and what we do.

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