When we have tried to create an account on Amazon and after adding a payment method to subscribe to a platform service, it is 'normal' that the account is blocked and well I say normal because it is something that happens to many, this should not happen so often, but Amazon's algorithms do this for the safety of the user and the platform. The notice looks very similar to this:

We observe unusual activity on your account and we must verify ownership of the payment method in your most recent order (why?)

However, for many people it is very annoying that this happens because they usually leave their phone numbers registered in these accounts and when they try to register again when they enter it, they reject it since it is still associated with the account that was previously blocked. << A rather annoying fact >>.

But if I told you that there is a way to recover your phone number that was blocked in an Amazon account or well not one, there are several ways but this time I want to show you the easiest and most definitive option, with the highest probability of retrieve the number.

At the end of the day, what people need is to recover the cell phone number as quickly and easily as possible, it must be clear that to carry out this process there are two ways:

Have another Amazon account that is NOT blocked to carry out the process of releasing the number.
Have another phone number that is NOT blocked, it can be that of a friend, family member, etc. With this number we will create a new account to take to the item above (Have an Amazon account that is not blocked)

Yes surely the issue of having another number already lowers your spirits a bit but do not anticipate that you can use TextNow (Available in your Google Play or Appstore download base) which is a tool that offers us virtual numbers from the USA for free and are compatible with Amazon. << Great! >>

◾️ How to recover phone number on Amazon?

The trick or TIP that I am going to show you below, you can do it both on a mobile device, Tablet, PC, it has no problem, I make this clarification since it is normal that I am asked if the methods that are shared have some type of restriction by the device in which it is done and it is that no, it does not have any limitation.

Without so much text, I leave you with the trick and now yes to Release your numbers!
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