Hi there! In this post we are going to see how to recover an Instagram account step by step. The Instagram social network has managed to have a great boom since its arrival and this communication platform has so many benefits that it has managed to remain among the most used worldwide, therefore, it is so important to know how the account works, but moreover, if you have had a problem with it, find out how you can recover your account.

For this reason, in the post that we will present to you below we will give you various details of how you can recover your Instagram account step by step to be able to use it again and not miss every detail of this social network. So pay attention to everything we bring for you.

Know the different ways that exist to be able to recover your Instagram account
Possibly all the functions that this app manages to have today are what make it so widely used and popular among users from different parts of the world, so it is important to know each step so that you can recover it correctly and easily without matter what the reason is why you lost it.

Whether you have forgotten your password, your username or others, then you will learn how to solve this tedious situation, check this data!

If you deactivated your Instagram account and want to recover it, follow these steps now!
If there is something you should know, it is that if you deactivated your account, the Instagram social network will only keep it deactivated for a week and in order to activate it you must perform the following steps.

• You must access the app of the social network Instagram.
• To be able to activate if the case is that you deactivated it at some point, you just have to log in with your username, password and that's it.

Usually this is the process and it is quite simple, but if it does not let you do it this way, you will have to create another password.

If you want to recover your Instagram account but you have forgotten the password, follow the next steps
Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to remember each of the passwords of the different places we use such as Facebook, banks and in this case on Instagram, so at some point we could forget it.

If this is your case, then you must follow the steps that we will present below so that you can recover it and access it in a few extremely simple steps, so pay attention!

• The first thing you should do is access the Instagram application from your mobile device.
• Then, once you are in the "login" section you will find an area that says "you have forgotten your password" you must click on this option.
• Now, once you are in the previous option, you must proceed to enter your username as well as the phone or email with which you created your Instagram account.
• Once you register the data that is requested, you must click on "next".
• Then you will find various options such as "send email", "send SMS" and others where you can select the one that best suits you. Depending on the option you choose, you will be presented with a message where you will be able to create a new password.

If you have lost your account by forgetting your password, then in this way you will be able to recover it and be able to enjoy the options offered by the social platform owned by Facebook to be able to entertain and inform yourself.

If you lost your account because you forgot your username, follow these recommendations
Sometimes we may forget the Instagram username and more if we live constantly changing it, regardless of the reason why you forgot the username, you can choose to enter your email address or phone number and thus be able to recover your account.

Another viable option is to search for your name from someone else's account in the search engine of the Instagram app and in this way you will be able to access your username and you can proceed to enter it without further problems.

Recover your account from a computer or PC
You should know that in order to restore and recover your Instagram account you can also do it from a computer, you must follow a series of steps that are super simple and you can quickly have your Instagram working again. Pay attention!

• The first thing you should do is enter the search engine on your computer and go to the official Instagram page.
• Then, select the option that appears called “You have forgotten your password”.
• Subsequently, you must proceed to enter your username along with email or phone number.
• In order to recover it, you will receive a message to your email after opening the link, you will be able to create a new password and thus you will be able to recover your Instagram account using a computer.

Each of these processes will help you to be able to recover your Instagram account effectively, since they are the main methods that you must take into account, so do not hesitate to use them and when necessary you can solve your problem in a practical and simple way. yourself without asking other people for help.

In addition, each of these data that we provide you in this post will be really useful to enrich your knowledge regarding this popular social network and use it when you need it most and thus also lend a hand to others.